Friday, August 23, 2013


Howdy....  I hope you are doing well.  Hard to believe that next weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  Whew. I think Hubby will have a three day weekend. That would be nice even though it will mean a shorter pay check. I don't know that he plans on doing any thing special.  I have missed a few days of writing my "Howdy" notes. mainly because I have not had Wi-Fi and just didn't have much else to say.  I hope that the Wi-Fi is fixed soon. 
Our weather has been cooler that what we expect for this time of the year. The highs in the upper 80's instead of in the 90's. A bit more rain and, according to the weathermen on the news, We are way over the normal amount of rain for around here.  Yesterday, we had so much fog when I took the dogs out while Jerry was eating his breakfast that it was hard to see them less than 20 foot away on the lead, and I was wearing a headlamp. This morning is was nice and dry and I didn't need the headlamp either.
Two days ago, after Jerry got off work, we went to town to order Beth a new phone because Jerry was told he would be working 12 hour days for the rest of this week. When he pulled up to pick me up, I tossed the trash bags into the back of the truck but didn't really look in the back. When we got to the Sprint store, he asked me if I had put the golf clubs in the truck... Um, no. I didn't look in the back when I tossed the trash back there. Well, he found out who they belonged to. One of the rigging foremen put them in the wrong truck and now they are where they belong. I'm guessing there are a lot of white Super Duty trucks in the parking lot.  Beth should have her phone either today or Monday. Then we will have to get it activated. 
I have a large tub that the rim is breaking off of. I took it outside and put some water it in, for Barney. He didn't want to jump in it at first. I moved my step stool over by it and showed Barney he could go up the two steps and jump in.. but he didn't want to do that. He wanted to play with part of the rim that had broken off. So I tossed that into the water and he had to jump in to get it. I think the water may have been a bit too cold for him because he got back out. I'll empty it this morning and refill it so that it will be warmer water this afternoon for him. He loves to play in water most of the time. Once the weather gets too cold for Barney to be in the water, I'll use the tub to keep the trash bags in before Jerry gets home from work. 
The cats are spoiled. One, Strips, likes to get on the top of the camper. He then comes to the door when I open and looks in. I was able to get him by the scruff of his neck and pull him off twice now.  He'll learn to stay out of my way if he doesn't like me doing that.. He can get down on his own, but he makes a lot of noise and fusses about it while he's doing that. I haven't put out dry cat food for the last couple of days because of the rain chances.  I hope to put some out this morning for them.
I made a pot of Pinto beans for dinner yesterday. Really I had cooked them on Wen but then Jerry had called and we ate out so I warmed them up yesterday evening. Then Jerry didn't work the  12 hours he was told he would. He startled me when he got home.  He said he had text-ed me that he was leaving work and I never got the text. I checked my email and found his text in my in box... He has no idea how he did that.
I had made what I thought would be salsa last week, and forgot I made it. I checked it and it smelled like Chow-Chow, and man oh man is it hot. I used pickled Jalapeno peppers in it and that was enough vinegar to preserve  the whole batch and I'll tell you, it was great in my beans. I was also able to add some fresh onion to my bowl of beans. Jerry does not like onions. If I want them I have to add them after I get my own servings of what ever we are having. I can use onion powder but it's not the same as cooking with it. (sigh) But I do manage from time to time to sneak some into a dish. I plan on browning up some burger this morning while it's not too hot in the house and if Jerry has to work 12 hours today (I'll know if he's not home by 6:10) I'll cook up a packet of butter noodles and add the burger to it for a one dish meal.
Our high today is suppose to be around 86, but by the time I need to start dinner it should be much lower. We have a chance of rain, as well. I'll be opening the window, vents and door once the sun comes up and will shut them when the camper gets too warm to be comfortable. 
I am just about finished with the party invites I am making for Beth for her daughters' birthday party next month.  I just have to glue the Tinker Bell's to the cards and stamp them with two stamps one is "Your Invited" and the other is the party information that goes inside. Beth has been debating where to have this party. So I have a few more days grace to get it done by. If Jerry doesn't work tomorrow I'll put them in the mail to her when we go out to eat. Otherwise it will be Labor Day weekend before I can send them out.  I found a Scrubs top on sale at Wal-mart and picked it up that is in the size a friend of her's. I'll send that along with the invites. Next week, I hope to make Bailey a dress and Baby Heather a skirt or two.

Billie C.

Every day, when I wake up, I give thanks that I have been given another day to enjoy my life.

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