Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Hello.  Miss me. I miss being able to just log on and write or read any time I want to. 
Jerry is job hunting. He's been following every lead he gets but so far he's not heard back from anyone.  He has a couple of places to call this morning.
Still haven't heard anything from Tuscaloosa from our friends. Jerry has to call to make our van payment and then will call in our storage payment so we will know something today.
All the pets are doing well. They are the same ol. same ol.  Each picking on the other and all being taken well care by the both of us. 
Not sure what will be for dinner tonight. Most likely hamburger, though.


jana said...

yes, we who read your blog really do miss you! it makes my day to read it. sorry you can't write everyday like before. but, i hope jerry finds a job soon. jana

Mike and Caroline said...

I love reading your blog too, Billie. Write as often as you can.
I shall pray for Jerry to get a job!

May I ask what a Geocache is??
You have me stumped there!

Love Caroline