Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Today... May 2, 2011

Good Morning, and Hello.  The news this morning is just filled with the death and life of Osoma Ben Laudin.  How he master -minded the September 11, 2001 world trade towers attack. How he evaded capture for 9 years.  How people "Celebrated"  his death in Washington D.C. and New York City.  I can understand wanting to shout in the streets that he's dead, but I doubt it should be like a happy  Celebration. That would be like the stories I heard right after 9-11 that some Arab people were singing and shouting praise in California and the people who provided the stuff they sold in the store removed all their products.  It's not a "Celebration" like we think of Easter or Christmas being a Celebration.  I don't know that his death is going to change much. He was an old man with many health problems.
Since I  stopped school on 9-11 and had Beth just pay attention to what was going on for that day.  I know how important that he was found, and stopped. I'm sure he wasn't suppose to be killed, but it happened. A burial at sea will stop any of his followers from making his grave a shrine.  I thought it strang that he had a burial at sea. But it sure took care of  a lot of possibliites of using his death as a reason to do much more harm.
Our  weekend was quiet. We didn't go anywhere but to the store and McDonals for internet service.  I took a 3 hour nap on Sunday afternoon so was up late last night. I had a couple of strange dreams. One about trying to get a bunch of girls out of a school building and into a parade formation and they just didn't want to co-operate.
Outside my door ... Cloudy but not cloudy enough for rain.  Jerry was up on the roof trying to figure out why the air conditioner isn't as cool as we think it should be.
The dogs ... Are sleeping at "our" feet. Usually they sleep on the beds. But with Jerry home, they want to be in the same area we are in.
The Kittens ... Are chasing the dogs around, mostly.  Rocky can't seem to take 4 or 5 steps without Fuzzybutt being right under him. Macon has faired a bit better as Tupelo quickly got tired of the game.
From the kitchen... Chicken strips, noodles, salad, butterscotch pudding for dessert.
I am hearing... retro tv on now.. Ironsides is on. If Jerry wasn't home, I'd have the tv off.
I am wearing... Maroon shorts and a white tshirt
I am reading... emails and recipes today

Today I'm grateful for knowing that our President knew what was going on and was able to give the orders to take care of the threat of Ben Ludien. Not that we will know peace, that is not going to happen for a lot longer, I'm afraid. I am not sure why there is such a rift between Christians and Muslims and Jews.. it just seems all small compaired to what all could be done if they would just  agree to disagree.
I am hoping... That Jerry's phone will call with a job offer soon.

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