Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For Today... May 10, 2011

Hello,  Jerry is still job hunting.  We are running the air conditioner almost all the time, now. Our high today may even be in the lower 90's. Yuck. Too early in the year for 90's for me.  But I can't do anything about it.  I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Last Saturday, we went looking for about 10 Geocaches.  We found 5 of them. Sunday we found two we couldn't find on Saturday and looked for 4 more, found 2 of them. We are hitting our average of about 2 for 3.
We spent a while on Saturday at St. Stephens Park.  It was well worth the $3 apiece to get in and walk around, looking for the 2 out of three that we know are there, Geocaches. We didn't write down the co-ordants for that third one.  We had the dog with us and they got to get out and walk with us (on leads all the time)  We found the one at the over-look easy enough and I took a picture of the plaque that gave the history of the area.  Very, very intresting for the history buff in us. It fits right in our Living History time line that we have been studying.  Talk about a find !! Too bad the state is consideriing shutting down the park because of lack of funding. Seems a shame that there is no advertizing of this or any other parks outaide the beaches. The "Alabama" Battleship is self susstaining and does not ask for state funding. All the other parks needs the help. We went around to the bottom of the bluff. There is an old "steam" shovel in the water. Not really sure if at one time it ran on steam but it reminded me of the kid's book "Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel".  I read that one soo many times to David while he was a toddler that I think we both knew it by heart.  Got to read and hear more history at the little convience store while we bought a couple of cola's.  I really need a better connection so I can find out if our CoHT has an Alabamian group and if so.. if somone would like to host an event at the park. They are much more that willing for an event and expecally if we can go dressed for it.  What a way to spend a weekend.  I would love to, but we really are trying to find Jerry a job, and there are none here or he would already be back working.
We left the convience store and headed back around the bluff, after buying the drinks. and made a stop to go see the "indian bathtubs".  I do think if I had a change of clothes, I just may have jumped into the water, myself. There, pecked out of the stone is a shallow area just perfect for washing up in. I didn't get to go and see how cold the water was though, and it was coming out of an underground spring.  No history of when or why this was made. We "know" there's a cache here, but without recalling any of the clues would have been very frustrating to try to find it. So many great hiding place for one.  I would love to go back and visit again, but next time, I'm wearing pants. I was totally covered with Misquitos while we were walking around the old town excavation area.  At least we didn't find any ticks on the dogs after all our walking around in the wooded areas. Now I wished we had taken a picnic with us, it would have been nice to just find a shady spot and enjoy eating a meal outdoors there.
Sunday, after we went looking for the GeoCaches, we went home and I changed out of shorts and into pants because we had planned on eating at one of the local restruants... guess what. They closed at 2 pm. "What" !!!. I was sooo looking forward to eating there on Mother's Day but eating, "all you can eat seafood" at lunch time is not near as filling as eating it at Dinner time.  Oh well, we will eat there, again, and call it our Mother's Day dinner, just late.  Jerry likes how they season his hamburger steak (I think it's way, way too large for just one meal) The owner comes out of the kitchen and talks to every one, every now and then. Jerry's told a couple of the fellows about the place. It's that good.
I heard from both Girls on Sunday. They are doing well. Didn't hear from David, but that's normal for him. 
Yesterday was spent on cleaning the camper and doing laundry. I ended up doing 5 loads of laundry.  One whites, which included the white blanket off Jerry's bed, and when it came out of the dryer the lint catcher was full of dog hair. Then I did a load of lights, then two of darks, including 2 pairs of Jerry's jeans since there was only 2 in the dirty clothes. The last load was the rest of the blankets ( they are all smallish and light weight) Again the filter was full of dog hair. I'll tell you right now. they were so much softer to sleep under, last night. I never reailzed just how rough shed dog hair could be.  Today, we have to make a run into town (2 miles away) so Jerry can go to the career center and pick up some information. I hope we stop at the McDonalds so I can retrieve my emails and send this off. The rest of the day will be basic stuff like dishes and making the beds. Walking the dogs and so on. Even the T.V. isn't much co-operating. All the stations are breaking up and it's just not worth trying to watch.

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