Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last weekend of August


Aug 28

Intresting morning we had.

I woke up early, especally considering I went to bed around 11.. I was up before 6:30.. Ok.. I'll take my shower then. I no sooner got out of the shower and Jerry woke up. We talked about what we were going to do for the morning. Since it's cool out, we will take the dogs with us, "visit" a few yard sales then go to Ryan's for breakfast. We went to two yards sales and then returned the dogs to the camper.. Macon just would not shut up and I know some people do not want to hear a barking dog at any time of the day, let alone one before 8am on a Satureday morning. We didn't find anything we wanted at either yard sale. Out again, sans the dogs. and another yard sale. Still nothing we wanted/needed. We ate at Ryan's and I texted with B a little bit. She asked that I stop texting cause she packing to move. I knew that. it's not like I was asking her to run outside and call me. She's in a "Mood" again, I guess. Her News is.. instead of moving in with her cousin J, she's going to make payments on a camper, park it at a friends house, help pay on the power bill there, and live in it, at least until she can buy a good car, truck or van... and save up enough money to rent a place closer to work. I'll believe it when I see it. But at least she's got a place to move to, before the end of this month when she's got to be out of the place she's in now. She'll be putting a few things in our storage in town. We sent her the key through the mail.

After Breakfast, we made our weekly payment on the van and car. Read the note on his counter.. Now if we could just get caught up.. we could be in the running for some very nice items he's putting in a give a way.. no need to be present to win.. my luck,, we would win the big screen tv since we don't have a place to put one.

Found a couple more yard sales and was getting close to back home when Jerry's phone rang... he's needed at the job. There are some lights that are not on that should be.ok.. no problem we are just out gadding about looking for yard sales anyway. There is this tall guy.. I mean he make J look as short as I am when I'm next to him. First thing out of his mouth. is "I see they send the right man to fix the problem". (Love it when I hear good things like that) We walk through, the lights are in the shoe department.. and they are on.. Well there was some that were not on but the majority of them are on.. and he's like..." what the world they were not on just a few minutes ago..." It was just a few minutes after 10 when we got there. Um... they are on a timer and it's set for 9:50.. Ha ha.. but hey,, what it really showed that, even though J's only a temp employie.. he's willing to drop what he's doing "for fun" to come in and check things out. The man he talked to called J's boss, and when we got back in the van, J called his boss as well. If nothing else.. he now has a couple more "brownie points in his favor" It will be November before he can hire on with the company he's working through the temp service for. Most temp services have a 3 month contract,, this one is 6 mounth.. but at the end of that.. He's sure to be getting lots more money per hour.

a couple more Yard Sales and we were done with doing that. just getting too late to find anything good left at any of them.. We did find some game controlers and J found a lamp he likes for his side of the couch.


Sunday. Aug 29

The dogs let us sleep in this morning. We slept till 9am.. I guess it was all the rain we got last night. Jerry made breakfast. An egg sandwich for me and a sausage and egg sandwich for him. We just took our time this morning cause it was so late when we got up.. I told Jerry, I'll just keep the van tomorrow and do the laudnry while he's at work. He really doesn't like to have to wait for the machines to do the work. and then the standing around to fold things up.. We drove around for a little bit. Just out "Looking". and ended up back in Coaling, again.. it seems that every time we go out on the back roads, we end up in Coaling. Before heading home, I suggest we go do the shopping. We spent just over $70 for the two of us.. and there are things I forgot to get. Or, didn't get. I'm not paying $7 or more for three boneless, skinless chicken breasts that look like they came off a very young thin chicken.. I'm just not going to do it. Back home. put away the food. and watched two movies we picked up from Blockbusters. one more to go. I'll try to watch it tomorrow or Tuesday, it;s due back Wednesday. Jerry was watching the Crimanal Minds marathon and after a bit the dogs wanted out.. he took them out and I finished reading emails on line.. about the time I went to go outside, Macon barked.. I put him in his kennel and went outside. He hates to be alone.. in about 4 minutes I got him back out and he rejoined "the people". He almost barked a couple more times but when I said Kennel he stopped. He was content to sit and watch the world go by, after that.

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