Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello. a long post.

Hello. Here are a few things and items that I wanted to add to my blog and then time got away from me. and now it's time to add them.

Today, I woke up to a nice cooler morning that we have had.. It's put me in a mood to do some deeper cleaning. I've gotten the bathroom gone over. the closet walk through done, but not the shelfs in there.. the beds made and the counters of the kitchen done. I still need to clean under the counters, but that will wait for another day.


We had an Intresting weekend. First off.. J is not usually a person to readly help someone else out. Not often anyway. Saturday, we drove around, checked out a few yard or garage sales. I found pie plate that will let me cook in the microwave without worrying about the turning thing in there dumping a dish over. The glass plate broke a couple of weeks ago. J found 3 music CD's. But since every road we took seem to keep taking us close to where we do our food shopping, figured we were being "told" to go shop and get that out of the way. When we came out of the store, J noticed that the car in front of the van had the hood up. J had seen the same man working on his car in a couple of other places during the week, and decided to ask if he needed help. While it was taking a while, I went back into the store and bought a bag of ice. just over $2 for 10 pounds of ice. The woman with him got out because it was soo hot in the car.. Saturday was her due date. out of her other 6 kids she's never gone to her due date. And she was not in labor yet. She had just gotten some of the food for a cook out her Mother was having. it was her Mom's birthday. After about 15 minutes of J and the other fellow trying to start the car "One more time" it was decided that I would take her to her mom's house, while they removed the starter off the car. She didn't live all that far from the store. But imangine the surprise at the house, when this older woman, a stranger to them, drove their daughter home, and helped carry in the grocries. I was offered something cool to drink and even a sandwich, but I knew I needed to get back to help J. I got back just in time, they almost had the starter off and once it was off, We took the man to the parts store. Granted it was only a block away, but it would have been one hot walk for any of us. While we were at the parts store, a woman parked her SUV in front of the car. Not too close but she thought she was in the way, and appoliges for parking there, cause she didn't think about it being worked on.. As she was pulling out, I noticed she was dragging something.. turns out to be the return hose from the cooling system to the reserve tank. Another man helped her fix it, Just as J was going to go over and help her. For a while there, Save a lot parking lot was a U Fix It parking place. The started was put back on. We made sure it would start before we left him.. J even put the tire back on the car because it was easier for him to get to it. The man we were helping most likely outweighted the J and I together. I do hope that they get to meet again. J usually saw him at the gas station he stops at on his way into work. It really felt nice to be able to help out someone else like that. Since I had all the stuff that needed to be kept chilled, on ice, I told J we needed to go on down to the bread store we also shop at to pick up his lunch stuff. Once home, J walked the dogs while I put away the food. They were sure glade to see us since we had been out for almost 4 hours.


We went to do laundry on Sunday but all the places were full with people waiting for machines. I told J if I could have the van on Monday, I'd just do the laundry while he's at work. sure but he was out of underwear.. I told him that's not really a bad problem since I know how to wash by hand. and if I hang them in the bathroom with the fan on they would be dry in just a couple of hours. and I was right, less than two hours from getting them wet a few dunks up and down in the water, a bit of a scrub. and a good rinsing.. then on a hanger to dry, they were done. Today (Monday)after getting up and making J's breakfast, I walked the dogs. I went with J to take him to work. He picked up a couple of 20 ounce cola's for me while he got a 2 liter for him. We talked a bit before he had to go in. We got to where he works at about 40 minutes before he had to be inside. We talked about what we would do if the day had been called off. (no such luck) We would check out a couple of job leads we got over the weekend. I came back to the camper, Did my own breakfast, then walked the dogs, again. Then went to do the laundry. I was done right at 10 am. I got in just before it got crowded in there. J texted me. today will be a 10 hour day.. Yippie.. maybe he'll have some overtime on next weeks check if this keeps up all week.


Well Drats. Jerry just called as I was getting out of the shower.. it's an 8 hour day, not 10. Ok, let me get dried off and dressed and I'll be there.

When we got back to the camper it just didn't seem as cool as it should be.. Oops.. I forgot to turn the air to fan for a while in the am.. and it was frozen over. We had to let it run on Fan for about 40 minutes for it to thaw out and work right again.


While it was so hot Sunday. and I didn't want to watch what J was watching I went through one of my craft drawers. I found a picture of our youngest, and some fun foam shapes I want to use to frame it with. I have to do a wee bit of triming and since I want to make a tutorial of it to post here on my blog That ws as far as I got.. My camera battery needed charged up.. I'll be working on that soon, though.

Over the weekend J called our son and asked, if we paid for the parts, would he be willing to go to H's and put them on.. Yeah. So now we have to come up with enough money to cover the parts. Antoher reason to want the over time. J is stressing about the car not being worked on. That it sitting there is going to make it break down again faster. As much as I love H, the car sitting there is starting to cause some trouble between us. We just want it running.


I didn't get any of my usualy work done yesterday. I just didn't get to much of it. I was going to put the showermat over the side of the tub when I got out. ( got that phone call.) Was going to make the beds, after I got dressed (had to leave in a hurry) I did have the dishes soaking in hot water when I left. ( the water cooled while I was gone) I did get them done, but only so I could fix dinner. Was going to cook pork chops, (too hot inside with the air turned off a bit) We had sandwiches and chips instead. I took the pork chops out this morning while fixing J's breakfast so they will be thawed in time for me to fix for dinner.

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