Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello. Not much going on around here. Jerry is getting 40 hours a week, maybe.. After the few weeks of lots of overtime. this stinks. But we will survive on a less than 40 hour paycheck.

We rented Billy Jack Goes to Washington this week. I got it for me.. I don't think Jerry is intrested in it, but I have been wanting to watch it for a long, long time. I remember when Billy Jack first came out. My brother wanted to go watch it and Mom said no.. When it came to the drive in theater T talked my younger brother and I into finding enough Cola bottles to get Mom in. They were glass back then and worth a nickle deposit each.. Mom always said that if we would find enough money to get her in, She would take us to the movies each weekend. We would pop a huge bag of Popcorn and make tea to drink.. the only cost , really was her ticket since us "kids" were still young enough to get in for Free. I got mom "Hooked" on Clint Eastwood movies by the same method. Of course I didn't know that the Beguiled was "That" dark. Oh the movies we got to see.. That Durn Cat, Herby the Love Bug. The Computer wore Tennis Shoes. but that's taking me away from my thoughts.

Back to Billy Jack.. I think Mom was afraid that us "Kids" would want to go find where Billy Jack lived. Or want to live in a commun. (hey back then it was a good idea) Tom really enjoyed the movie and I was old enough to follow the plot line and see the irony of the story even then. But oh, Give Peace a Chance was sure a grand idea we all wanted. T had the album. with the picture of Billy on the front, with that black hat and that hat band. Yikes that hat band.. I had just learned how to make seed bead bands.. I had made a few slimmer ones into necklaces and T wanted that hat band. I don't know if he every tried to find it someplace else. No internet back then, to look for one. T got a dart board. We were tossing darts and he made me a bet. he bet me that I couldn't hit a higher score than him... and the pay off was.. if I lost I had to make the headband for free... If I won, he would pay be $10 over the cost of the beads and thread. The only time I every hit that board in the center was on that bet. Sorry T, I just had to write about it.

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