Monday, August 31, 2009

Long weekend

I know. next weekend is the last three day weekend of Summer. But most likely Jerry will have to work all three days of it. He's working on a shut down. We knew this was the last two day weekend he would have for a while, and took Heather our car to use. I know Jerry wanted to keep the car with us, but Heather needs her own transportation for a bit. Bailey needs a ride to school and back and this will make it much easier on her family.

It takes us about 6 hours to drive from Memphis to Dunlap. 6 hours back as well. I needed a potty break and Jerry mis-understood when I said both the humans and dogs needed to potty and he pulled over to the side of the road for the dogs. I told him, I'm not going to pee in the woods. He thought I meant that I wasn't going to take the dogs in the woods to pee, He hadn't a clue I also needed to relieve myself. and we kept passing gas staition and truck stop I kept expecting him to stop. When we got in I asked him why he didn't stop of me. He said he didn't know. We could have had a big fight over it... and I felt like a fight. Here lately he sure can't hear me at all. I'll ask what time it is, and get a totally off the wall answer from him.

I was able to get most of our laundry done at our daughters house. All but the jeans. I asked Jerry if he had any clean ones left. Yes, he thought so. I checked his suitcase and there was no jeans in it. I had to wash that last load here at the motel, last night. They got clean but one round in the dryer wasn't enough. I brought them to the room and put most of them on the back of the chairs so they would dry.

I'm not sure what is for dinner tonight yet. Salad I do know. some meat and some potatoes.

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