Friday, August 7, 2009

On the road, again

Yes, you read that right. Jerry got laid off today. There is a good job going on in North Carolina that is crying for Electrictions and the man heading it up, Knows Jerry and his work well. We are just waiting for a phone call. it should last about 18 months. That is the thing about construction, Jerry is always working his way out of a job.
We will know for sure, by middle of the week.

When Jerry called me, a bit after Noon, I could hear in his voice, that he was ok with this. He got a good review as well. As much as he needs to be working, he's glade we are moving away from here, I think. We really like North Carolina. I would wish for mountains, but we will be close enough to go to the beach a few times, and just walk in the sands. We can take the dogs with us to the beach, when the tempatrues drop down to a comfortable level as well.

Good news, the man we are paying for the van, has no problem with us taking it to N.C. He knows we need it to go with. Can take the car as well.
Onto the car. I go get Jerry's tools with the van. We stop to secure the load better, and get drinks. I hear a strang noise from under the hood but Jerry can't hear it. it's a whinny squeal. I ask him if it's ok to leave it running, he's leaving it run so the air will cool off the insides. (ok) we get to the camper. park the van, I get in the car so we can go cash his check, and off we go. We get the check cashed. We make the car payment and tell the man about Jerry's being laid off. Making arrangements to pay off both the car and the van. We are going to eat on our way home. Jerry's tummy is not doing so good. We just get under the interstate and we lose power. We coast it to the campgroud office. Jerry calls the man who we are buying the car off of. He'll have it towed back to his shop. I don't remember if we have had it 30 days or not, yet. Either way, he'll fix it for us. Not sure what it is, but Jerry thinks it may be a gas filter, or a gas pump. At least we are at the campground office and I can get a ride to the camper to get the van. Today is Pete's birthday and he's been run ragged, today of all days.

while I'm waiting for Pete, we talked to June at the office. We can button up this camper and have it put into locked storage, and still make payments on it. We will have to come get it, when it's paid off.
That "woman" who was raising such a ruckus with me last week, is being turned out of the park this weekend. We are not the only ones she's messed with. I explained to June what she saw.. and as June said. What business was it of her's in the first place. I told June, I'm under 5 doctors orders to not let my blood pressure raise. And what that woman said, when I called for Jerry to come deal with her.. June just shook her head. I told June, my dogs will now not go potty at the back of the camper. She said that the woman going to be gone by the end of the weekend. She's stuck her nose in everyone's business around here. I told June about the dogs behind her camper. They are tied out all day long. June said they are in a pen. Not in a pen but on lines. I told her they are put out before 7 in the morning and not taken in until after dark.

I told June the only reason I'm saying something is because something was said about my dogs. If nothing had been said, I would never have said a thing because it's not my site and it doesn't bother me, except those dogs bark when I take my dogs out and that alerts that woman that I've taken my dogs outside. I told her, that the truck that has been up on blocks for over three weeks is now off the blocks. We didn't say anything about it. We could have, but we didn't. We could tell the man was working on it.

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