Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are moved in

We are moved in. I have even cook a meal.

We have lots of boxes still in storage and most will stay there, until the next move to the next job.. And other things as well. Like our suitcases. they are the very large, roll around type. I know it's not a good plan to visit the storage each week, but it's something we are doing. I can "plan" on putting our winter clothes into those suitcases so I know just where they are, when we need them. Winter coats are in a bag already. I have some glass dishes that I will not be using in the camper, At least not yet. And then, there is the Christmas Tree.. at almost 6 foot tall it will never fit in here. Jerry said we may set it up outside.. I'm thinking more along the lines of giving it to Heather if she wants a new tree.

My meal that I cooked... was Hamburgers. Jerry's favorite. Nothing special to that.. Just took some burger meat and mushed it into a patty, then seasoned with a seasoning blend I have on hand. Cooking it in the Electric skillet. I also fixed up a salad each. Just bagged precut garden salad and I added a small tomato to each and 1/4th of a green pepper. Jerry had watermelon when we got back from laundry and showers, while I had some cut up mixed fruit. Breakfast was in the same skillet... the sausage came out good, I guess. Jerry didn't say. The hash browned potatoes were on the light side, but they were sticking and I was getting frustrated with it.. and the eggs.. both yolks broke. I have to find my cast iron skillets. I know we have them with us, I just don't know where in storage they are, yet.

Tonight I'm going to fix a ham steak, I found one package of mashed potatoes that I'll make up.. I had wanted those for some potato bread, but the bread maker is still in storage. I'll fix another salad, of course. I'm not sure on dessert, yet.

We have no plans for this upcoming weekend. Looks like it may be a three day weekend for Jerry.. That would be nice. Don't know what we will do, besides eat meals and hang out together. Much as I would like to go someplace, we have no place to go. I can just imange taking the mattrisses of the beds. tossing them into the van, a few items of food and such as we would need to camp out and heading to the woods or the beach. But I don't think that will happen.. I think we may have lost some of our spontanaty somewhere along the way. Back , way back... our first year of marrage. we would do just that. Toss a few things into the staton wagon and head to the local state park for an overnighter. But I have to admit.. I no longer "enjoy" sleeping on the ground. Even with a nice thick piece of foam, I sitll hurt in the mornings when I wake up. And then to crouch over an open fire, coaxing it to cook up pancakes and eggs.... I'd almost rather eat at Waffle House. Now A Days I'd just as much go find a mall to walk, or a flea market to wonder through.

From Last weeks heat to the weekends rain to today has been a huge difference. Last week this camper was so warm that I thought we had made a big mistake.. maybe not.. We had lots of rain over the weekend and that helped settle the dust around here.. Yesterday, I figured out how to open the rooftop vents and the windows. As long as we have a breeze, it's nice in here, Will be nicer yet, if we can get a cover over the top to keep the sun from baking us.. What can I say, its still a tin can on wheels. I may go to the seconds at the local hardware stores and see if they have any paint I like. I would love to change the color in here. The red countertops is one thing.. the darkish Adobe color is just too much.. It needs some color in here. I don't see a place to put curtains up with the blinds. One blind is broken and I will have to replace it.. A string is broken in it.

With no TV I struggle with myself and the silence. I can play the radio but it's not the same.. and I cal play music on this computer but, again, it's not the same. I have not liked the silence since we had a fire back in 97. The daytime noise is what I miss. The talk on the tv. Keeping up with the news, My "Stories" Morning shows, afternoon shows.. They fill my day with noise, and now... I don't have that going on around me... what do I hear, right now??? a back up beeper on a truck somewhere. A fly bussing about, a Hawk, and a couple of other birds I can no longer identify. A crow. A train whistle. The wind blowing the trees across the way make them clack together at times. And I can hear the gravel under car tires as people drive down, turn around and drive back.


frogma13 said...

Have you ever made twice baked potatoes???
there easy to make and can re heat them IF there is any left over and they freeze well.

Mountainrose said...

I have made them in the past. Usually the kids would eat all the potatoes so it wasn't often. I try to not have left over potatoes any more. Jerry has a habit of eating what's left in the bowl and it's not good for his health.

frogma13 said...

My son is named Jerry and he will eat all my baked potatoes and have you fryed left over baked potatoes???
made the twice baked potatoes.
I baked the potatoes let cool and then fix, like you I try not to have left overs.food just cost way to much now days to waste.
I love to make potatoe pankes to. so realy not much gets wasted any more I try hard not to any way. smile. my husband William is a Diabetic so I have to watch the startch so not a lot of potatoes but at least once a week if I can he loves them.

Mountainrose said...

I have chopped up and fried baked potatoes. I have also fried mashed potatoes the next morning for breakfast as well. I try to not use salt in our potatoes and we dont use pepper at all. We just dont' much care for the taset of it.

frogma13 said...

what else do you like to cook.
I cant use a lot of salt have to
watch all salt intake. but my husband uses way to much salt and pepper.
cant wait for the fresh tomatoes from the garden.
dont think I will cann any this year.
I like to try and cook at least 1 meal if I can a day the rest my family makes sandwiches.
my son works so dont have to worrie there.