Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello, and welcome to my life

Hello, Welcome to my life.

I should tell a bit about myself, I'm sure.

I'm 50 years old. Married to my best friend for just over 30 years now. We have three kids. Can't really call them kids now, can I, since they are grown up.. anyway David is the oldest at almost 29, Heather is 27 and Beth is 19. Each lives in a different state. Heather has our only two Grandkids. We love to visit with them and do a little spoiling when we can.

Jerry is an Indrusrtial Construction Electriction. Doing heavy indrustrial work means we have to go to where the jobs are, since they don't come to us. He's been doing this kind of work for over 25 years, now. We've lived in a number of states and loved each place we have lived. In 2001, We moved onto the family farm. It was not in good shape when we moved in, and got progressive worse as the years past. It now sits locked up. waiting for me to do "something" to save it.

Right now, I'm in Dubuque Iowa. recently we were living in Vicksburg Mississippi. Yes, we got here the week after the flooding of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Some of the people here at the motel are from some of the flooded areas, waiting for the water to go down and to see if they have anything left in their home worth saving.

To describe me. I'm a heavy, short, red and sliver haired grandmother.

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