Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iife is Intersting, when your not at home

First, some background. The camper belongs to Jerry's sister Mary, who lives in Kansas.

On Sunday, Jerry asked Beth to go check on the camper. Of course she didn't do it. She had no reason to go that way. On Tuesday, Barney, a friend, came in and asked if we had moved our camper for some reason. Seems someone in the area is playing a practiacl joke. The camper is moved to a field just 1/2 a block away. Course Jerry wanted to call the law right off. Beth went out, saw the camper was moved and found it on her way leaveing the farm. Now she has to contact Barney, who is suppose to call me. He said some young friends of his are building a pole barn on that property and wondered where the camper came from. So Beth is sure it wasn't them. As Barney would have said as much. Now to find out who did do it. As long as the camper isn't damanged and is returned, everything will be ok. Beth can't move it as the van don't have a hitch. Barney said he had a truck that can move it, if the young couple don't. He's afraid that we will be mad at the couple. Only if we find out it was them who moved it. I'm thinking it was a just a helpful friend of theirs, but since I don't know them.... I'm leaving it up in the air, for now. and letting Beth deal with it as much as possible. We will bring in the law if we have to. We just don't want to push much right now, since that would mean calling in Mary and right now, she don't need the stress of it all.

Jerry called Kathy, she's paid 250 on the camper. and will let us but it from Mary as long as she gets her 250 back... and after this week. I'm ready to, anyway. Living in a motel I have no say over who are put in the rooms around me. Midnight noise, early morning noise... and spitting off the balcony with "it" landing near my feet.. yuck !!!
I want my own place, NOW !! A camper would be as good a place to live as any, right now.

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