Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good Morning


Good Morning From a Sunny Tennessee.
We are right beside a walking path that has just been opened up within the last few weeks. We have seen a few people using it. Kids love riding their bikes on it. One of the entrances is right next door to the entrance to this campground. I have yet to try to walk on it, I may try later this week, to at least go a little way.
It took a bit, but between the owner and myself, we got my computer to find his WiFi and so now, I'm a happy camper.
Barney is happy, as well.. across the driveway is a bit of grassy area, and at the edge of that is a creek (Coop's creek) and the banks are low enough he can get down and get into the water. It's very shallow and is only as high as his belly. He loves running and jumping and playing in the water so much that he did it twice yesterday.  After his second time in the water, We sat outside so he could dry off a bit. I took him for a short walk around the driveway.  My back had been hurting me almost all day long, off and on.. about 1/2 way around the drive, it finally stopped hurting. I am thinking of trying to walk around it twice tonight, if not more.
Jerry made Breakfast today. I asked for an egg  sandwich.   He's feeling only a little better, but at least he's up and awake. He spent most of yesterday asleep in bed. When I woke up at 4 am. he was reading a book, but soon afterturned it off and went back to sleep. We are now waiting for a phone call in hopes of his getting another job.  Can't believe that these people can't seem to get their $%^& together.  Jerry will be calling that office soon to see what the rush was about since most of Friday, he ended up doing more nothing that accually working.  At leaast today, I might get to clean the bedroom, unless he starts to not feel so good again.

Billie C.

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