Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good Morning for August 24


Good Morning. I do hope you slept well last night. It was a quiet night here.  It is nice and peaceful here. I was able to open the doors and vents for a little while this morning. I had to close them back up just before 10 am though because it was starting to warm up a bit. It's a Sunny day, and there is lots of shade around here.
Heaather came by after she got off work yesterday. I'm going to go to her home to do our laundry tomorrow. Jerry will drive her kids to school, and pick them up after. We need to be to her house by 6 am.. but once Jerry drops off the kids, he's thinking of coming back to the camper so he can keep the dogs quiet. 
The dogs are adjusting to this new area well.  They already do not bark at the people who are walking along the path on the other side of the creek.
Today I'm going to make a crock pot meal. potatoes, green beans and smoked beef sausage layered. I'll also serve a salad and I think we will have pudding for dessert
We can not get a TV signal on the attenia, So we are watching our collection of video's. Right now, we are watching the second season of "Game of Thrones".
I am wearing jean shorts and a teal t-top that I decorated with a rinestone blue bird
I have been trying to down-load a few of the books that I picked up for free. from Amazon over the last few days.  should pick at least one to start reading soon.
I am still hoping (and praying) that Jerry gets a call for a job that is going to pay enough to cover the bills and get us caught up with them. I do hope we don't haave to wait until November for the jobs to open up.
I am creating... I saw a video on how to make a stamp from making impressions into fun foam and I want to try that soon.
A few plans for today... We need to go to the store in a little bit to pick up some bread, more fresh vegetables and some snacks.

Billie C.

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