Thursday, February 27, 2014

Howdy.... And Good afternoon.

Howdy.... And Good afternoon. I am all caught up with my housework and have a few minutes to write a note.  Outside my door ... It's cold but sunny. It speaks of Spring getting closer and closer. I am so glade that February is a very short month and that March is known for warming up. Looks like our March this year is going to come in like a Lion, Warm but windy Saturday and Sunday and cooler with lots of Rain Monday.  Just what we need. We are already under fire bans in the state.
The Dogs ...  Did not want to play this afternoon. They just wanted to stand and stair at all the campers. Every one is gone except maybe the lady in the one next door to us and she may be out walking Charlie, her yorky.  Now they are all asleep on the beds.
The Cats ... are not happy that I put them in the kennel before I open the door. This morning I guess the water next door was frozen because skip and someone else was over, in the white van with the jet heater, and the cats scattered. One went under the gap to the access for the plumbing and I had to wait for it to come back out before I could cover that with a smaller plastic tub lid.  Once I had the cats and two dogs in kennels I blocked the larger dog (Macon) from coming into the front of the camper, just in case someone knocked on the door. No one did. I have been being extra careful about cleaning up after the dogs. Most of which I have been tossing over the edge of the hill where no one is suppose to be, I am hoping that it will help the uner brush grown stronger and greener.  I might buy some more wild flower seeds to toss along the hill. It gets full sun and I would love to see it in bloom with flowers.
From the kitchen...  Salad, Ground Beef, Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Maybe mashed potatoes.
I am hearing... Some movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel.  The cat yowling to be let out, The heater. Jets flying over head.
I am wearing... Brown sweat pants, plain black top. Rainbow tennis shoes
I am hoping... that tomorrow is not a 12 hour day, but only 10 for Jerry. He's so tired when he gets home from work. He eats, cleans up, goes to bed and is asleep almost as soon as his head hits the pillow.  We don't really talk alot most of the time, but now it's even less.
I am creating...  Not sure what I want to work on next. I dont' want to start something I may have to put on hold before this next eye check up on Monday.

Billie C.

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