Wednesday, February 12, 2014

update on eye surgery

I had the surgery on the 31st. I had to stay head face down for a week. Wish someone had told me before, that I would have to have done that. I could have been more prepared. The worse was that I could not sleep that way in my bed. i was just too umcomfortable.  I saw the Doctor a week later and all is healing as it should and I no longer have to keep my head face down.  The eye was still a little sore, but I expected that. Now I can watch as the Gas that was put in my eye slowly goes away.  At first it was at the top of my line of sight, a day later about mid way down. yesterday It was only covering 1/4th of my sight. and today about half of that. So in a few more days I may not even see it any more.  I go back March 3rd for a check up. At first everything was very blurry. Now I can see shapes and colors but it's not clear enough to read with. I'm sure as it heals I'll be able to gain back details. Once the left eye heals, my right eye will need some work done in it.  We are a bit iffy on when that will happen since this job may be over with by the end of March and we don't know where we will be going to from here.


Billie C.

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