Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Afternoon...

Good Afternoon...
I'm slow getting sta
rted today. It's not a good eye day but it's not totally bad either.  I could see well enough to take the trash to the trash bin earlier.  I had to go slow, but that's okay because I was able to keep warm. I had on a hoodie and my coat and a scarf. I had knit gloves under my leather gloves. Driving with just knit gloves is like driving without any gloves at all.  
Our water is Ugly today.  When I went to flush the Toilet earlier the water came out of the faucet Brown. Not a light brown but a dark brown. It's lighter in color now but it's still not clear.  I called the office, no one there of course, and left a message about the water. I'll call again about 2 pm, when someone "should" be in there.  While I was out, I checked the water at the office in the ladies room and it was just as ugly.
We had lots of rain over night, but now it's dry and sunny which is great considering how cold it's going to get tonight. Danville is suppose to be only 5 overnight and that is going to break the all time record for here.  I do know that the Kansas City Kansas schools are not open today. Mary, Jerry's twin drives for the City and was called late afternoon and told No School due to the cold. 
I put extra blankets on the beds when I made them this morning. I have an Electric blanket and I put a wool blanket on top of that, Jerry's Electric blanket doesn't work, so I put two extra blankets on his bed. It's nights like this that I really don't like how our beds are set up. 
I had a strange dream last night. Jerry and I were in a boat that floated in the air as well as on the water, and somehow I lost him and was looking for him. then ended up at a dinner table with strangers and the man at the table was trying to get me to drink something I know I won't drink, He even tried to spike my drink but I saw him do it and told him off. The alarm went off at that time and so I don't know how the rest of the dream was going to go.  Usually dreams like that, that make no sense, happen when something I don't expect is going to happen.  Any one else having strange dream's like this?
Once I had the dogs out this morning, I brought in all the leads so I could untangle them.  They were a mess. I had to do a lot of yard cleaning while I was out there, as well.  Jerry will take the dogs out but he refuses to use the pooper scooper to pick it up and toss it into the woods.  So on good eye days, I try to find as much as I can and give it a good toss into the woods or over the edge of the cliff. 
I need to take the dogs out again, back in a bit to write more....
There, The dogs have been out three times today. At least two more times to go... late afternoon before the sun goes down and then after 8 pm for the night.  The later the better so they can "last" until daylight tomorrow.  I'm sure all three cats will go out with the dogs, then cry to come back in not long after that.  They like to curl up around my feet and I can't stand that. They make my feet so hot. I end up kicking them off and then they move over to Jerry's feet.

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