Monday, January 20, 2014

For Today ... Jan 20, 2014

For Today ... Jan 20, 2014
Howdy.... and good morning. I woke up extra early this morning and just couldn't get back to sleep. I'm afraid that I may have woke Jerry up early, as well. He had to decide if he felt well enough to go in to work. He finally decided he would go in, with a promise that, if he felt like he had to come home, he would go to the Urgent Care Clinic.  He didn't what sausage for breakfast, but did eat 2 eggs and the Remein soup he has every morning.  I did offer him a banana but he turned that down, as well.  Saturday, he said if this Is the Flu, then our having the shots last month made a difference.  if it's not Flu, he just wants to feel better.
It's getting cloudy outside and our high for today is to be in the upper 50's.  We have a chance of snow tomorrow, about an inch or so. I'm going to let the dogs play outside this afternoon longer than usual, if possible. And we have another chance of snow on Thursday, when I have two appointments to keep.  It's a good thing Jerry doesn't have any trouble with driving in snow.
Right now, Macon and Rocky are asleep on my bed and Barney is asleep in one of the kennels.  Two of the cats are sleeping close to me, and the other is on Jerry's bed. They are waiting for when it's time for me to feed them their canned cat food. and let the dogs outside for morning potty. 
From the kitchen...  Salad, Cheesy Beefy Hashbrown Dinner, Peas, and Chocolate covered small pretzels for dessert. 
Cheesy Beefy Hashbrown Dinner
1/2 a bag of hashbrown potatoes
1 lb of Ground meat (beef or pork)
1/3 to 1/2 jar Cheese Whiz or shredded Velvetta cheese
Spray crockpot with none stick spray.
Place 1/2 a bag of hashbrown potatoes in a hot large skillet and brown, turn over.
Season and brown ground meat,
place 1/3rd of the potatoes in the crockpot, cover with 1/3 of the browned meat, the a large dollop of the cheese. repeat 2 more times.. ended with the Cheese on top. Put on a lid cook for a couple of hours, to melt the cheese and let it soak into the dish.

I am hearing... NCIS on USA.  The heater in the living room. And the water dripping in the sink.
I am wearing...
I am reading...  Brown Sweat pants, my dark blue and my Wild Horses T-Shirt.
I am thankful that... Jerry felt good enough to at least try to go in to work.
I am hoping... Jerry feels better soon.
I am creating...  I am using my Cricut  to cut out lots of things for Christmas cards.  I have a box to put them in, as soon as we drink all the flavored water we picked up this week.
One of my favorite things...  Watching Barney playing on ice. He loves to slip and slide around on the stuff.
A few plans for today... Sort dirty clothes, make the beds, make dessert, cut some paper
A few plans for the rest of the week... cut more paper, keep appointments. Stay happy.

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Elaine said...

I hope Jerry feels better soon. It's not the flu or he wouldn't be able to get up and go to work.
Glad you are keeping busy, dogs can be great entertainment.
I'm in Florida enjoying the sunshine and warm, 70 degrees. Our park has a craft class I'm going to. I miss your crafts you posted.
Take care. I love your post. Yours truly-Elaine from Luray and Florida