Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Howdy.... Good Morning.  I hope you are doing well today.  We still don't know if this is the last week or next week, or the week after that.. We are flexable though and don't have any place we have to be yet, so it's all good.  Today's going to be a rainy day, from the looks of things, but unless there's a thunderstorm, Jerry will have to stay at work. At least it's not cold.   The dogs are all laying in the floor, snoring. The cats have come in and are sleeping on the bed. It will soon be time to feed the cats and that will be intresting, I'm sure. I think, because it is looking like it's going to rain at any second, I'll just put the dogs in the kennels for a few minutes and feed them inside, today.
We ended up eating out yesterday so we will have the hamburger patties for dinner tonight.  It got just a bit warm outside by the time Jerry called and I didn't want to heat up the inside of the camper with either a stove burner or the Foreman grill. I'll be cooking the brugers on the Foreman. I'll fix a salad and I'm not sure what starch just yet. 

Billie C.

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