Monday, June 24, 2013

For Today ... June 24, 2013

For Today ... June 24, 2013
Howdy.... We traded the van for a truck Saturday. It took over half the day to make it a done deal. WE now have a 2008 F 250, Diesel Super Duty truck. We will be making payments for a long time but we can re finance it after the first of the year.We really needed get this truck as Jerry said the transmission on the van was making some very strange sounds and he didn't know if it could be rebuilt or have to replace it. We have learned long ago, when you have to start replacing parts on a vehicle it's time to get rid of it.
My Saturday, started early. We were woke up around 6:30 by the dogs needing to go out.  Wait.. there a lot to this story, you better go get something to drink, and get a bathroom break while you're up.
We ate Breakfast to Golden Corral. Toy isn't there but Venus is. We like her to cook our eggs for us and Jerry won't let any one else there cook his eggs. I ordered a Bacon, Ham, Jalapeno omelet. Most of the time, I just get eggs off the buffet steam table. It was a good Omelet, too. From Golden Corral, we went to Wal-Mart so Jerry can cash his check
Beth and I had been talking about a laptop that has a 17 inch screen on it. She said that WoW is much clearing on it and easier to read. So I told Jerry about that on Friday night and he said we could check out a laptop when we go to Wal-mart. Oh boy.... they are on sale. To help make this long story shorter, We bought two. It only took about 40 minutes though for Jerry to get them, and pay for them. I did some other shopping while he was dealing with that.
So now, it's about 9 am, as we are leaving the store. Across the parking lot is a huge tent set up. I'm thinking "Fireworks" and he's saying he don't think so.. so we drive by and Oops. it's not fireworks, but cars and trucks and on the very end is a truck we like. Full cab, full bed 3/4 ton. So we turn the van around and he finds a parking spot. I sit in the van and wait, and wait and it take about 50 minutes for him to come back. We can't afford it, right now. but it's a nice truck. We have no credit score. none what so ever and the man he was talking to was shocked. As Jerry said, we pay cash for every thing. and what we don't pay cash for, we use a prepay card for. But at least now we have an idea on about how much money we are going to have to save to pay cash for this large truck... And we head to the post office. We send off a box to Heather with a GPS in it so she can use that to keep from getting lost while she goes and visits her sister in Missouri.(Side note. We have never seen that many car's in IHOP as we did yesterday morning. They were packed.)
We were looking for yard sales and thought we would go check out the local "Flea" market.. but we are still kinda, sorta, looking at the trucks while we pass the shop here/pay here places and I told Jerry to go straight ahead instead of turning and check out the trucks on a side lot across from the Chevy dealer. Well, here comes this man in a golf cart, and they talk, and talk... and we find out the trucks we are looking at, are brand new. way out of our price range. But he's got a few on the lot, follow him. So we do. and I sit in the van, and I read a recipe book and I sit in the van and I drink a 16 oz cola, and I sit in the van and fall asleep and about 1 1/2 hours later, Jerry comes to the van and tells me we have to go back across from where we were looking at the truck cause that's where the used Fords are.. but there's one there he's interested in. At least he parked us in the shade and I sit in the van while he goes and checks out this truck. and it takes over 5 hours for all the paperwork to be done, the credit checked, find a loan company that will loan us the money (they're in PA) in the middle of this, WE have to go back toe the camper, so we can pick up some money. I wanted to take the van so we could quickly empty it, but the sales man said we should take the truck and try it out.. (sigh,) So we take the truck, go to the camper, get enough money from my stash to cover the down payment, stop at a mini-storage (they're closed, of course) and then it's back to the car lot. and we sit and wait, and some paper gets signed and we sit and wait and another paper gets signed. And we have to show we pay our bills and since we have a cell phone bill that will work but we have to change the address on it. And it rained while we were doing all this. Jerry tells me "it's Raining, is your window up?" of course not.. so I go out and roll up the window and when I come back inside I get about 4 or 5 steps away from the door and my feel slide on their slick A%% tiles and down I go. Luckily I kinda figured that would happen as the shoes I was wearing are the same ones I wore last fall when the dogs pulled me off my feet while I was on wet leaves. and I was able to fall without getting hurt. ( I managed to NOT land on my knees) but, of course, I'm embarrassed about falling. Jerry didn't see me fall. One of the salesman comes over to help me up and I tell him I'm ok, but don't touch me cause I'll just fall again. I kicked off my shoes and go walking back to the desk we are at. Of course it has to be the one farthest from the door. Finally, we get all the paperwork done for the trade and we now have a F250, Diesel Super Duty truck.
But now, we have to get the stuff we want to keep out of the van.. Mind you, we did not set off this morning with the intent of buying a truck... so we are going through the van. picking out all the stuff I store in the van cause there's no room in the camper, plus Jerry had two or three things of tools. one a large box, and at least a large bag of tools, A box of cat food, 5 tubs of stuff (one of blankets, two of winter clothes) my rake (Jerry said it's broken but I might still be able to use it) and the stuff from the front of the van that we use all the time.. and it looks like it's going to rain, again. We are looking though all the trash, cola bottles, he's trash from buying breakfast on his way to work (he just tossed it into the back and never took it out later.. Oh yes, the new computers are still in the van, remember those from the first of this story? And his leather jacket, His rain coats (3) He hard hat, his parking sticker.. it took us about 45 to 50 minutes to get all the "good" stuff out of the van. Since they only allowed us $1000 for the van, we figured they could deal with the trash in it. Any thing else left in the van that we may have missed, can be replaced. I can't think if anything we missed.
It's after 5 pm by this time, so we ate dinner at Kickback Jacks and finally got home around 7 pm...I took care of my evening insulin Oh, I didn't mention that we had two of the cabinet doors from the camper in the back of the van and we still don't have a mini storage unit rented.. I reminded Jerry we could just get new hinges and re hang the doors.. Okay, so now it's off to Home Depot for hinges. and It's all I can do to step up into this truck. So I suggested we stop at a couple of car parts places to find out how much running boards may be... between $240 and $500. and they have to be ordered.. We are going to have to get them, soon so I don't feel like I'm climbing Mount Everest just to get into this truck. It's a nice truck and I've already told Jerry he had to run it through a car wash at least once a week. Every week. I want this one to stay nice and clean inside.
Now we still have to do laundry, find a mini storage and buy our grocries for this week and I would like to take the dogs for a ride, first we will cover the back seats with an old blanket before we allow them in to the cab of the truck.

Outside my door ...  1 pm in Southern Virginia it's 85 with a high expected to be in the low 90's and it's partly cloudy.

From the kitchen...  Breakfast was
 Basic Banana Smoothie
From "10 Quick and Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe)(Kindle book)
1 Banana
1/2 cup Yogurt (Low or no Fat)
1 cup crushed Ice
1/2 cup Milk.if needed
I used "Great Value" Light Orange Creme Pie Yogurt, a few drops of Vanilla and two packets of Splenda sweetner.  The ice didn't crush as much as it should have. (I've got to find a better way to do that)  this is a repeater, for sure.
Dinner will be sandwiches and chips. and angel food cake for dessert.

Billie C.

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