Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Catch up

Hello. Just a quick catch up on us. Jerry is still working on the Renovation of Belk's in University Mall here it Tuscaloosa. It's been hot here, You know it's hot when you hear people saying we have a cool day and it's 90 degrees outside. We got a window air unit. and it's working wonderful. I don't have to have both on high, yet. With both on low it's staying between 80 and 85 in here. Sure beats those 90's that I was getting with just the roof air and a blanket in the doorway to make the area being cooled much smaller. The dogs love to lay on Jerry's bed, belly up, under the window air. I have to remake his bed two to three times a day from their turning around and around, makeing it more comfy.

I've been keeping the camper reasonably clean. you know how it is when you have a dog in the house, let alone two of them... I vacumend and had to empty the canaster twice because of the dog hair.

Been doing a bit of cooking. We just got tired of cold cut sandwiches, chips and Jell-o for dinner. Last night was hamburgers. tonight will be hot dogs. I know, not very exotic but there wasn't any chicken breast at the store this past weekend. Either they didn't get any in or they sold out. I figure most people are grilling out with the heat.

When it's so hot out, I will dampen a bandana and put it around my neck before going outside. I'll even put a couple of ice cubes inside the thing, so the cooler water will melt and run down my neck and back. I took a cool damp rag to the dogs ears and under carrage that last time we hit 99. At first they fought me on it, but once they figured out I wasn't trying to hur them, gave in and loved it. now when I have a wet rag in my hand they come to me to wipe their ears. I also rubbed their fur the wrong way with the rag to help cool them off. Rocky didn't like that much, but Macon loved it.

This next weekend is going to be HOT, predicted high's are aroune 99 for both days of the weekend. Just not sure what and when we will do. Mostly stay inside in the cooler air, I'm sure.

After weeks of working weekends and extra hours on some days, Jerry's last two days have been 8 hour days. He's been on line when he gets home, job hunting. We will really have a rough time if all he's going to get on next weeks pay check is 40 hours. I know, we are blessed that he has a job, but these hours are so erradic that we can't make any plans on anything.

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