Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whew, it's HOT

Whew, it's been HOT around here. Of course it is July, and I am in Alabama.. so it's suppose to be hot. Friday it got up to 101. Sizzling hot. I used a very wet wash rag to wipe the dogs down a couple of times and made sure to get the inside of their ears as well... they loved it. That attention was what they wanted more than the wet. Me, I kept a wet bandana around my neck and re-wetted it every hour or so. The dogs also got to crunch a few ice cubes throughout the day. I used a few in a glass of water to dampen my rag with, as well. drank plenty of water, and made plenty of trips to the bathroom as well. I took my themometer back there to check how hot was it... over 110. while it was just over 94 in the living room area. that's with the air turned on full blast and a couple of curtains between the air and the bathroom doorway.

Jerry has the weekend off. He bought an air conditioner to go into the bedroom window today... We were rather warm before it was put in, but once it was in, and turned on, we cooled down to a right nice 84 degree's in about 1/2 an hour. I donbt we will run that air conditoner all that much at night, but then again it depends on how hot it is.. We still have August to get through.

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