Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017 Wedding pictures

Last Saturday, Our Son David married Jamie.
Hanging up the lights and stacking the hay were done on Friday evening just before rehearsal. It was cool but not awful cold but it was also cloudy and we had a couple of showers. We all had lots of fun though, and lots of laughter.
Every thing was set and people were just starting to come in when we had a storm come through. It was not nice and we had to scramble to save everything. A couple of the jars got knocked over and spilled their water that the candles were floating in. A few of the table clothes got soaked and had to be replaced.
The Photo wall (hay bales) was blown over. We were lucky that none of the children were nearby when it fell in.
It was a walk from the parking area to the pavillion but well worth it.  Jerry wore over alls as did many of the men in the wedding party including the father of the bride.
There was a lot of "Last minute" things going on. getting the lights and tulle to come together and hang as it should. The bells over the cake station, setting up the tables and all this was before the storm.
Jamie, David and Landon used a sand ceramony to show how their lifes, separate at first, have come together to become one. Landon is Jamie's son. I didn't get a picture of the sand in the mason jar as the finished product of their life starting together.
The Brides cake. The lady doing the cake worked hard on it. and then the storm and it was moved to a safer place. I think the hardest part was keeping the kids and the best man out of the frosting.
The Grooms cake. I had a small piece of this. Red Velvet cake.  I love the detail that was put into both cakes.

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