Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Morning

Good Morning
don't you just hate it when you go get into bed because you are tired, but as soon as your head hits the pillows, you can't fall asleep? That's me tonight.  I will most likely take a nice long nap this afternoon, in the heat of the day.
(time right now is 1:30 AM)
I will be making Jerry's breakfast at 4 am. He wants to leave here around 5 AM to be at the new job before 6:30 Am which is 7:30 Am "There". Yep he has to cross the time zone line.. which is going to drive him crazy for a few days until he adjusts to it. He will be going to bed around 8PM just to get enough rest.
This job is to last about 4 to 5 weeks. We drove out to where it's at and, yes, we do think it will last that long because it is new construction.. There is a possibility that once this one is finished, he will be going on to another job with the same company. (keeping praying on that one)
Today, I plan on getting a few things done around here. First off, I want to open the vents and doors and let the camper air out until it starts to warm up outside. I need to straighten up the bunk room from where some things fell over from the travel... I just didn't want to work on it while Jerry was off yesterday, he was sleeping on the couch and was in my way. After I get all that stuff taken care of, I need to give our bedroom a very good going over and change the sheet on the bed.
I am thinking of putting together two smallish Chef Salads for our dinner tonight.
I asked Jerry if he wanted to shower before or after dinner since we have to use the shower house for a little bit, The shower diverter fell out of the bath rub faucet the day before we left Ten Mile.. and I have to make a phone call to change the address it's to be sent to, this morning.  I'll be putting together two "shower" kits for us.. one for him and one for me.  All he will need is his soap, a clean towel and wash clothe a T-shirt and  shorts and the flip flops we bought today to wear in the shower (that floor is rough on the feet). I'm also going to add his Deo to his bag so he can use it if he wants to.
In my bag I will have almost the same stuff, only I'll have a house dress that Donna made and I got from her Sister after she passed, and I bought sandals instead of flip flops since I was told by at least two different doctors not to wear those any more.  I think I will have both "Kits" in the wagon, ready to go to the shower house. I will also add a step stool so I can sit on it to get re-dressed in there. They have a plastic chair in each bathroom and I just can't get my leg up high enough to put on socks while sitting on one of those.

Billie C.
May your day be blessed and full of love.
May you find joy in the small things of the day
May you find something to smile about today.

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