Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Morning.

Good Morning.
Now that the morning is about done with, I have a few minutes to write a note. It's raining. I didn't think it was suppose to rain today, but it is. It's still warm though and we don't have the heater turned on.
I've been sitting on the bed, folding up the laundry and putting it away. First was the tub. I had Jerry's jeans and the whites in the tub. I have a few socks that are pairless.  I hope to solve that before I finish up the rest of the folding and putting away.
I folded two of the five bags of clothes so far. The last one to fold up will be the one folded with the towels.  The other two are dark clothes. we wear a lot of dark clothes in wintertime.
Jerry is still hunting for a job. The phone rang, we both were holding our breath...ugh.. no answer. He calls it back and get the message that the survey he is calling back on is over.  another bot call that checks to see if that's a valid number or not. Now I'm sure he's going to get 5 or 6 calls in the next week that are just spam calls.

Billie C.

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