Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hello. I had every intention of keeping up with all my blogs, and I have failed. I am not giving them up though.  We have moved from Iowa, back to Tennessee. Hubby is working in Cleveland TN and we are very happy to be back in Tennessee. For the first month, we were living with our daughter. our dogs were not allowed in her home though and we kept them in the camper. But as the days got warmer it was harder and harder to keep them quiet and comfortable. Then the cats started to climb on the neighbor's cars and that got us in more trouble with the neighbors.  We were able to move the camper out to some property that her boyfriend owns and the cats can roam and the dogs can bark, and run around without a lead on (most of the time) and we are comfortable since we have power for the air conditioner to work.  So all is good. 
Hubby changes jobs here from the one we came here for, to the one we had hoped would call us, while we were in Iowa. This job is suppose to last a couple of years. Maybe even longer. The only draw-back is how far away it is from where we have the camper. It take over and hour to make the drive each way.  We were doing good with that, until the job went from 10 hours a day 6 days a week to 11 hours a day 13 on, one off.  That's a lot of hours to be awake and then to have to stay alert while driving, well that was not going to work at all. so Hubby has moved into a motel room that is much closer to the job. Meanwhile I'm still at the camper, with the pets. Our daughter and her children are making sure I am not lonely.
I will be having surgery on July 20 (yes, Hubby will be there with me for this).
I will have a total hysterectomy done. Found out I have cancer in the lining of my Uterus.  But, unless things are much worse than expected, I will not have to have Chemo or Radiation treatments afterwards. I won't know on that until after the removed organs are examined, and I have my post op check up on Augest 27. I will be in the hospital over night when I have the surgery. The doctor told me he wants me up and walking by the end of the evening. That it would be better for me to be up and moving so soon afterwards.
Right now. my daughter and her family are planning on camping out in a tent at our place (her boyfriends land) the night of the surgery, and will take care of our pets while Hubby stays with me. She and the kids are going to be taking care of me, as hubby will have to be back to work on Wednesday after my surgery.  (have to pay the bills somehow, right?)
I will try to spend more time on my blogs from here out, but no promises.
Billie C.

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Rosie Guiher said...

Miss hearing from you on the blog so thought i would leave a message and pray things are going ok for you.