Monday, January 5, 2015

Update on me, From yesterday, Sunday Jan 4

Sunday, We Slept very good in our  own beds, on bew mattresses.
Macon woke me up at 6 am, needing to go out. Barney added his voice to the matter. I had to get dressed, feed the cast, then put on a  jacket with a hood under my coat. It took me longer to get dressed than it did for the dogs to do what they had to do. We had breakfast at Niland's Café, then we went  to Walmart to get the paycheck cashed and send some money to our older daughter and to pick up a money order to pay our power bill. Looked for a electric blanket for Hubby, but I couldn't find any. Bought a few Christmas things that are on sale at 75%. We went to Target and Hubby found a blanket there as well as good mattress covers. I found the $1 bins. I picked up a few things.
We ropped off the power payment on the way home. Where we brought everything we bought in. Hubby put the water line on, but no water to the camper. He put the heater on it but it's still frozen two hours later. Talked to Beth for a bit. While I was talking to her, I cleaned the cat box.
Found ou why the water hose was frozen. The heat tape got unplugged some how. We tried to thaw it by putting it in a dog kennel, Covering the kennel with a tarp and then put the torpedo heater in front of it. Oops, the end end of the hose fell in front of the heater and melted. Now we have to replace water hose and heat tape and pipe insulation. We picked upa  new water line, heat tape and pipe insulation at Lowe's  befor going to Dinner at Perkins. I ran into Wal-mart to picked up 3 diet coke for Hubby, and 9 gallons of water before we headed  back home. Oh and we are expecting to get 4 to 6 inches of snow between Monday night and Tuesday noon.
Outside my door ... It very cloudy and looking like the snow is going to start at any time
The Dogs and Cats ... are sleeping on the beds I made this morning.I am waiting for them to come to me to let me know they (the dogs) need to go outside. I know it's going to take me longer to get ready to go out that its going to take them to do what they need to do, again. It is cold outside. Earlier Rocky was trying to walk on only three feet because his other foot was cold, then a different foot got cold and he just didn't know what to do.
From the kitchen... I have some hamburger that needs to be cooked. I'l going to add a can of Chilie to it and serve over Frito chips and put cheese on to.
I am hearing... Mid day news is on. The heater Fan.
I am wearing... Sweats.  Sweat pants, sweat shirt with a t-shirt under it and two pairs of socks
I am reading... I still need to pick out a book to read.
I am hoping... That this cold spell does not last long and we dont get any more cold weather like this for a while.
I am creating... I'm not working on anything at the moment
One of my favorite things... talking to Beth each morning.
A few plans for today... Staying warm, taking the dogs out in a bit. making dinner...
A few plans for the rest of the week... Same plans for the rest of the week. Staying warm, taking care of the pets and making dinner.

Billie C.

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April said...

I always used 3 water coiled up ready to go, one hooked up, and one in the bath tub thawing out...i just rotated them thru......