Friday, January 16, 2015

Update, Jan 16 2015

Hello and good morning.
I am trying to catch up and am surprised at how quickly I have gotten behind in just keepig up with the day to day things   When our water line froze we were able to deal with that. but when our black water holding tank froze and wouldn't drain we knew we may be in trouble.  I have a bucket I can dump waste into, but it is only a temporary fix. Good news is, we now have running water since Hubby went looking and found out that the gray water does not go into the holding tank, So we can shower and clean up as long as we have running water (I'm going to miss showering at the motel) and there has been some progress in the holding tank thawing. Not a lot of progress but some never the less.  With today's high going to be in the upper 40's we are in hopes that it will totally thaw today and we can get back to a more normal life in the camper.
Hubby is not feeling well. He took yesterday off of work and is taking today as well. If he can't make it into work tomorrow then he will have to get a doctor to sign off,  that he has indeed been very sick.  We are fairly sure it isn't flu because he doesn't have pain in his joints but he does have a stuffy head and is over all not feeling well.
The Pets a re loving that he is home and are sleeping around him. He will give them bits of his meal when he's home and I don't give treats until after I am done eating. 
The snow is melting and the ground is getting mushy. Barney will miss snowballs. Not that he is thrilled with them but I have been trying to make one and then toss it at him. Most of the time, the snow is so dry that it breaks into a million flakes before it even fully leaves my hand. but when one does stay together, the look on his face when it breaks in his mouth and then he looks for where it's suppose to be on the snow at his feet, is priceless.
One of the cats (Strips) got out during the time we were trying to thaw things in the back and he stayed out about and hour, now he's been trying to get out every time we open the door. I know he wants to go out but the wild cats around here have not had any shots and I don't want our cats to catch anything from them.

We have been doing a lot of eating out. Mainly to prevent having to use a lot of water, not knowing that the gray water was not going into the holding tank and the fact that the drain line was frozen at the end of the camper. I finally got that to thaw enough that water could pass and now it's almost all gone according to Jerry. Not sure if there is still ice there or not, now. I was putting rock salt in water then bringing it to a rolling boil then pouring down the sink closest to the ice block and that did wonders on that ice. I'm ready to be doing my own cooking again.

Billie C.

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